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Use the AddToSSCart function to add the currently selected product to the order or quote. The product can be added without ending an application session.

AddtoSSCart can be called from any frame within the application and can be executed anywhere a JavaScript function can be used. It is commonly called from the onClick event handler of a link, but can also be referred to from an image map, set as the SUBMIT method of an embedded frame, or called from another user-defined JavaScript function.

Refer to the Referencing Other Siebel Data chapter in Siebel Advisor Administration Guide.


AddToSSCart(productDescriptionString, StayInAdvisor)



Optional argument used as the description for the customizable product to be added. If productDescriptionString is not specified, the model and state are examined to automatically build a customizable product description before adding the product to, and displaying, the quote or order.

You can define ProductDescriptionString in the following ways:

  • As <product ID>
  • As a fully formed string, built by hand or using helper APIs (see BuildProductStr). Use the form:

    relationship=<relationship name>&*prodID=<prodID>&*qty=<quantity>&*attributes={<key1>=<value1>&*<key2>=<value2>&*...}&*children={<child1>|*<child2>|*...}

  • As null to specify not to extract a string


Optional argument. The possible values are true or false.

If set to true, when a link is clicked, users will not leave the Advisor session. Instead, users will get a javascript pop-up message indicating success or failure of adding the product to the cart.

If set to false, when a link is clicked, users go directly to the shopping cart.

AddToSSCart can be called with no parameters, but in order to explicitly set the behavior of StayInAdvisor, you must have a value in the first parameter, productDescriptionString.





ISS.AddToSSCart(ISS.GetBusCompId("PROD.DESC", true));


ISS.AddToSSCart(ISS.GetBusCompId("STEREO.PART_DESC"), false);

ISS.AddToSSCart(ISS.GetBusCompId(null, true));

ISS.AddToSSCart(null, true);

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