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Use the ShowAbout function to open a separate window and display the information contained in the \ui\about.htm file. The About information commonly contains the application version number, legal notices, and company contact information.

You can call the ShowAbout function from any frame within an application, and the function can be executed anywhere a JavaScript function can be used. It is commonly called from the onClick event handler of a link, but it can also be referred to from an image map, set as the SUBMIT method of an embedded frame, or called from another user-defined JavaScript function.



  • The information that appears when the ShowAbout function is called must be located in an HTML file called about.htm, and this file must be located in the application ui subdirectory.
  • When you create a new project, Advisor automatically generates an about.htm file in the application ui subdirectory. Edit this file to contain information appropriate for your own application.
  • The configuration variable APP_ABOUT_WIN_ARGS in the Application Configuration file (\custom\app_config.js) defines the attributes of the About window, including size, whether a status bar and scroll bars appear, and whether the window is resizable.

The following sample code creates a link to the About window using a link surrounding a button image called btn_abt.gif.

<A HREF="javascript:''" onClick="ISS.ShowAbout( ); return false;">
<IMG src="btn_abt.gif" alt="Information about CDA(tm)" height=14 width=57 border=0 hspace=0 vspace=0 align=top> </A>

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