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Using UI Templates

You can maintain a common look and feel across multiple projects by using UI templates. Setting up a UI template requires two steps:

  1. Setting up the template directory.
  2. Adding the template to a project.

The following procedures use Windows NT path syntax and assume an English language (enu) installation. The procedure uses ACME_Template_01 as the template name.

To set up the Advisor template directory

  1. In the Siebel application installation, locate the ISSTEMPL\enu\ProjectTemplates directory.
  2. In this directory create a subdirectory and give it the template name, for example ACME_Template_01. Then create the directory structure beneath it, as shown.







    PG and UI are subdirectories; oc_template_i.tpl is the UI registry file; oc_template_i.tpl is the UI input file and oc_template_2.tpl. is the UI output file.

  3. Place the image and HTML files related to the template in the UI directory.

The last step is to add the template to the project.

To add the template to an Advisor project

  1. Navigate to Administration - Product > Advisor Projects and create a project.

    For more information, see To create a project.

    NOTE:  You cannot add a template file to an existing project.

  2. In the project form, enter the name of the UI template in the Template Name field.
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