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Validating an Advisor Project

Validate your data model regularly as you work and before you deploy a project. If you have validation errors, you can not deploy the application.

To validate an Advisor project

  1. Navigate to Administration - Product > Advisor Projects.
  2. Select the project you want to validate.
  3. From the Advisor Projects list Menu, choose Validate.

    A list of validation errors appear in the Validation Results tab. The error identifies the pageset, table, column, sequence of the error, and message describing the error. Errors are also generated for contents lists.

  4. Click an error to view it.

    When you click an error, Advisor opens the correct screen and tab and selects the record containing the error.

  5. Fix the errors and return to the Validation Results tab to select Validate again.

    When all errors are fixed, the Validation Results tab contains no error records.

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