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Previewing an Advisor Project

Both Previewing a Project and Deploying a Project use a non-standard method of changing the parameter. According to Siebel standards, this parameter should be changed using Server Manager, not using the CFG file. This non-standard programming may be changed in a later release of the product. This feature is correctly documented, as it currently stands in the product, but the product does not meet Siebel standards for changing the parameter.

To make sure that the edits you make to the Advisor project affect your application, preview the application in a browser.

NOTE:  To preview a stand-alone application, open the home.htm file in a browser.

To preview an Advisor project

  1. From the Tools menu of your browser, choose Internet Options and click Settings.
  2. Select Every visit to the page.

    This is a one-time setting.

  3. Navigate to Administration - Product > Advisor Projects.
  4. Select the project you want to preview.
  5. Validate the project.

    For more information, see Validating an Advisor Project.

    NOTE:  Complete the following two steps if you are working in a zero footprint Web client development environment.

  6. In your Siebel application .cfg file, set the WebClientSiteDir parameter to the directory you want your files published to. This directory must specify the Siebel Web Engine, the public folder, and the language folder, as in SWEAPP\public\<lang>.

    The files are saved to this folder under the ISSRUN\CDAPROJECTS directory. For example, if the WebClientSiteDir parameter is set to eapps\public\enu, then for the project "QuickTour" whose project location is set to "QuickTour," the preview files are saved to eapps\public\enu\issrun\cdaprojects\QuickTour.

  7. If you are deploying in multiple languages, repeat Step 6 for each .cfg file in each language folder.

    The .cfg files live under the Siebel Root\bin\<lang> directory. Open each language directory, for example, ENU for English, and set the WebClientSiteDir parameter in the .cfg file to point to the appropriate Siebel Web Engine for that language's deployment.

  8. From the Projects list Menu, choose Preview.

    The application appears as it will at runtime.

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