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Deleting Old Upgrade Kits

Sometimes you may want to purge older upgrade kits to free up some space used by these kits. When you purge old kits, you must make sure that users will not encounter errors when they retrieve kits that are expecting to use information from kits that have been deleted.

Two groups of users can be adversely affected when old kits are deleted, new users and infrequent users. For example, assume that your end users belong to the same configuration. Also assume they are currently using version 3 of Client Customer Revisions and version 4 of SRF.

If you were to delete all the previous Client Customer Revisions and SRF kits, a new user might have trouble with Client Customer Revisions if starting from version 0. This situation occurs because Client Customer Revisions kits often depend on the previous versions. If a new user needs version 2 in order to gain access to version 3, and if version 2 is deleted, Siebel Anywhere would not be able to provide the new user with version 3. However, the new user would be able to install version 4 of the SRF, because SRF kits do not depend on any version history.

The correct way to handle this situation is to keep an updated installation for new users where each of the kits has been installed. You can do this by creating a package periodically and making the most current package available to new users. This method addresses the problem for new users, because they always install a client with up-to-date configurations.

However, do not delete old kits as soon as a new package is created. There may be infrequent users in your organization who have not logged in for months. While the rest of the company is using version 3, the infrequent users may still be on version 1. In this case, it is up to the individual Siebel administrators to assess the situation and determine how old the kit must be before deletion.

Sometimes you have a few kits of the type Customer Revision that were distributed long ago. Use the following procedure to delete them. Use the same logic if you are planning to delete any other kits.

To delete old Customer Revision kits

  1. Establish one installation that includes all the Customer Revision kits ever installed.
  2. Create a package from that installation.
  3. Set up each new user with the package prepared in Step 1. This provides new clients with the files that were distributed through the old Customer Revision kits, and also provides new clients with the correct version of the clntrev.cfg.
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