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Modifying ADM Parameters on Siebel Management Server

This topic describes the task of modifying ADM parameters that configure the Siebel Management Server. This task involves changes to the configuration.adm.xml file. There are only two parameters that may require updated settings in this file:

  • ADMRegistryFile
  • DefaultProfileLocation

For example, the ADMRegistryFile parameter can be updated to point to a specific shared network location. ADM reads this location when commands are issued for deployment.

The other parameters in this file are properly set during the installation and generally do not require further configuration. For a brief description of the configuration.adm.xml file parameters, see Table 3.

NOTE:  The package location defined in the deploy_enterprise_name.bat file supersedes the default package location defined in the configuration.adm.xml file. During deployment, the package location is taken from the deploy_enterprise_name.bat and not from configuration.adm.xml file.

To modify ADM parameters on Management Server

  1. Navigate to the configuration.adm.xml file located in the following directory:


  2. Using an XML or text editor, open the configuration.adm.xml file.
  3. Modify the desired parameters.

    See Table 3 for a brief description of the configuration.adm.xml file parameters.

  4. Restart the ADM agent for the configurations to take effect.
Table 3. ADM Parameters Available in the configuration.adm.xml File
Parameter Name


Default ADM registry location


Connect string to local ADM database


ADM local database engine executable


ADM local database name


Local database filename


Stop local database engine command


Default ADM package location


Default ADM profile location


JDBC driver Java package name


File for externalized SQL statements


Encoding of XML files used and generated by ADM

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