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Creating ADM Deployment Units from Repository Types

Creating Application Deployment Manager (ADM) deployment units from repository data types requires the use of Siebel Tools. For more information on using Siebel Tools or configuring Siebel applications with Siebel Tools, see the following documentation:

  • Using Siebel Tools
  • Configuring Siebel Business Applications

For information on creating deployment units for database types or file types, see Consolidating ADM Data Types into Deployment Units.

You can create deployment units for repository data types by:

The subsequent .sif file, created by the previous tasks, is the deployment unit used in the ADM packaging process. In addition to the .sif file, an XML unit descriptor file is also created that includes information on the repository objects and is used for validation during the packaging task. Both files are necessary for the ADM deployment package.

NOTE:  To migrate database schema changes, do not use Siebel Tools. Instead, use the Repository Migration tool in the Database Configuration Wizard. For more information on Repository Migration, see Going Live with Siebel Business Applications.

Additional care must be taken when managing the deployment of repository data. For information on synchronizing repository updates, see Synchronizing Repository Updates.

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