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Generating ADM Deployment Units Using a Hotfix

Generating ADM deployment units from repository data types uses the Siebel Tools hotfix feature. This task creates a .sif file that is used as the deployment unit necessary for the ADM packaging process.

Generating a hot fix uses the Siebel Tools GUI to complete the task as described in the following procedure.

To generate ADM deployment units using a hotfix at the Siebel Tools GUI

  1. Log in to Siebel Tools, and make sure the changes are checked in.
  2. On each object that you want to export, right-click and select Add to Hotfix. You can select multiple objects to add to the Hotfix.
  3. In the Hotfix Release dialog, name the release and review the repository objects included in the mid-level release.
  4. If necessary, remove any objects from the list by using the Delete key.
  5. Select Export to create the .sif file used as the ADM deployment unit.
  6. Navigate to the Siebel Tools installation directory and the ADM directory to locate the .sif file with the mid-level release label. Copy the generated .sif file along with the XML unit descriptor file, which will be used in the ADM package.
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