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About the ADM Command-Line Interface Syntax

The Application Deployment Manager (ADM) command-line interface is a Java-based tool executed by running a batch command (.bat) file with the appropriate commands and parameters. The command file is named for the target Siebel Enterprise Server; that is, the batch filename is of the format deploy_enterprise_name.bat. For more information on ADM command-line interface, see About the ADM Command-Line Interface.

The general syntax for running this batch file is as follows:

deploy_enterprise_name function username password package_name options


  • enterprise_name is the name of the Siebel Enterprise Server.
  • function is the command used to administer the ADM deployment, such as copy, validate, and so on. These commands are further described in subsequent topics.
  • username is the Siebel user name.
  • password is the Siebel password.
  • package is the name of the ADM deployment package of interest.
  • options are the optional flags that supplement the function command. For more information on these flags, see Table 8 and Table 9.

For further assistance, use the help parameter for information on the ADM batch file; that is, run:

deploy_enterprise_name -help

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