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About the ADM Command-Line Interface

The Application Deployment Manager (ADM) command line functions as the interface with the Siebel Management Server to execute the actual ADM deployment of application customizations and also manages any associated deployment tasks.

The ADM command-line interface is a Java-based tool executed by running a batch file with the appropriate commands and parameters. A command-line tool for the target Siebel Enterprise Server is configured during the installation to use a separate batch file for each Siebel Enterprise Server named: deploy_enterprise_name.bat. This batch file is located in the Siebel Management Server installation directory: MgmtSrvrInstallDir\ADM. For information on the ADM command-line syntax, see About the ADM Command-Line Interface Syntax. For more information on the commands associated with the ADM command-line interface, see Deploying an ADM Package.

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