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About the ADM Screen

The Application Deployment Manager (ADM) GUI consists of a screen and views from the Siebel application site map. The screen name is Application Deployment Manager, and from this screen you create deployment units consisting only of ADM database data types.

Deployment units form the ADM package used to deploy application customizations. For more information on creating ADM database type deployment units using the ADM GUI, see Creating an ADM Package.

The ADM GUI also facilitates the deployment of ADM database types without using the ADM framework, for backwards compatibility with ADM before Siebel 8.0. For more information on this deployment option, see Other Options for Deploying Customizations Using ADM.

The Siebel Tools GUI is also used in the ADM packaging process to create deployment units based on ADM repository data types. For information on this process, see Creating ADM Deployment Units from Repository Types.

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