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About the ADM Source Environment

The Application Deployment Manager (ADM) source environment refers to the Siebel Business Application environment where the application customizations originate. This environment can be, for example, a development or test environment. The ADM framework automates the collection, packaging, and migration of application customizations from the source environment to the target environment. For example, one source environment can be used to create an ADM package for migration into multiple target environments.

ADM data types represent the different customizable entities in the source environment. For more information on ADM data types, see About ADM Data Types.

You begin the ADM deployment process by packaging ADM data types in the source environment. For information on this process, see About the ADM Packaging Process.

You can also use the source environment to deploy certain customizations outside the ADM framework. For more information on this deployment option, see Other Options for Deploying Customizations Using ADM.

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