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About the Customizations Migration Process Using ADM

The Application Deployment Manager (ADM) feature automates the migration of Siebel application customizations between same-version and same-language environments. The migration process uses the ADM framework as a means of managing the customization migration process, validating the process in various stages, and activating the data customizations in the new environment. For more information on deploying customizations using the ADM framework, see Deploying Customizations Using the ADM Framework.

NOTE:  You can migrate data between environments of different languages if no language is specified for the data being deployed.

The customizations migration process can also be run outside the ADM framework using the Siebel application ADM GUI or Siebel Server Manager command-line interface to facilitate the migration. (This process uses ADM functionality provided in the previous 7.x releases.) These options can be run only on a subset of application customizations and do not have the enhanced management features provided by the ADM framework. For more information on deploying customizations outside the ADM framework, see Other Options for Deploying Customizations Using ADM.

The decision to use either the ADM framework or the previous 7.x ADM functionality must be made based on the scope of the customizations migration. While the ADM framework provides more functionality and is generally recommended, it may require a greater investment in time and resources for some deployments.

What ADM Is Not Designed For

ADM is a feature designed to identify, package, and deploy user customizations to a same-version and same-language target Siebel Business Application. It is not designed for the following functions:

  • A mass data migration tool
  • A change management tool
  • A systems management tool
  • Installing, patching, or upgrading the Siebel Business Application
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