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About ADM Log Files on Siebel Servers

This topic describes the Application Deployment Manager (ADM) log files that are generated on the Siebel Server. The Siebel Server maintains the following log files of interest to an ADM deployment:

  • packagename_sessionnumber_unitname_category.log. Log file that contains logging information of the unit being deployed and states the status of the deployment.
  • packagename_sessionnumber_unitname_category_backup.log. Log file that records information about the backup path and its status. This file is generated only when the backup is set to TRUE in the enterprise profile.

These log files are located in the log directory for each individual Siebel Server. The log directory location on Windows is SIEBSRVR_ROOT\log. The log directory on UNIX is SIEBSRVR_ROOT/enterprises/EnterpriseServerName/SiebelServerName/log.

For information on configuring ADM log files for Siebel Server, see Configuring ADM Log Files on Siebel Servers.

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