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About ADM Server Components Log Files

The Application Deployment Manager (ADM) server components, like all Siebel Server components, write component behavior data to log files. The Siebel Server components maintain the following log files of interest to an ADM deployment:

  • ADMObjMgr_TaskID.log. Log file that displays the creation of asynchronous server requests. For example, it shows the creation of a record in the S_SRM_REQUEST table, which contains a record for the request with ROW_ID that matches the request ID in the log file.
  • ADMProc_number.log. Log files that records information on the Siebel Server about current tasks performed by the ADM deployer code, including any errors or data conflicts, as well as EAI errors. This information is very useful in troubleshooting ADM server-side problems. These log files are created only when the ADMProc component's event log level (evtloglvl) is set higher than 3 (default value is 1).
  • ADMBatchProc_number.log. Information is written to these files only when ADM srvrmgr commands are used to export deployment data. These files are created when ADMBatchProc component's event log level (evtloglvl) is set higher than 3 (default value is 1).
  • ADMProc_PackageName_datatypename.log. Log file that records the objects deployed and any actions taken. The objects are recorded with the data type, integration object name or business object name, and the new user key values of the root level object. The action recorded indicates whether the object is updated or created. This log file is created for each package session and for each unit. Multiple executions of the same unit update the same log file. This log file is created or updated only by the migration (or import) step of the ADM Processor server component. In case the migration is rolled back and no object is migrated, this log file must not record any object migration.

To show warnings and diagnostic information, you must increase log levels for the server components. For information on configuring ADM server component logging, see Configuring ADM Server Component Log Files.

For more information on the ADM server components, see About ADM Server Components. For more information on Siebel Server component log files, their naming conventions, locations, and configuration details, see Siebel System Monitoring and Diagnostics Guide.

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