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Specifying Audit Trail Restrictions

You can restrict who gets audited by user, position, or responsibility.

For example, if you set the Restriction Type to User on the Audit Trail Buscomp Fields view, you then go to the Audit Trail Users View and add the users whom you want to audit. Restriction by responsibility or position works in the same way.

This task is a step in Process of Configuring and Using Audit Trail.

To specify audit trail restrictions

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Audit Trail screen.
  2. In the Audit Trail Buscomp list, select a business component entry, and change the Restriction Type field to Position, Responsibility, or User.
  3. Click the Position, Responsibility, or User view tab.
  4. Create or edit records in the audit trail position, responsibility, or user list.

    The positions, responsibilities, or users that you specify are audited for the operations on this particular business component.

  5. Click the Update Audit Cache button.
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