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Setting Up Predefined Queries

This section discusses how to set up predefined queries. It includes the following topics:

About Setting Up Predefined Queries

Predefined queries (PDQ) automate queries that a user can perform online. Rather than creating a query, entering criteria, and running the query, the user selects a PDQ from the Queries drop-down list.

Predefined queries can be private (available only to the person who created them) or they can be public (available to all the users of the application).

There are two ways to set up predefined queries:

  • Create and execute a query in the usual way, and then save the query.
  • Create or modify a predefined query in the Predefined Query screen.

Things to Remember

When setting up queries, remember:

  • The Administrator can define a PDQ using both displayed and nondisplayed fields.
  • You can reference only fields from the current applet's business component in your query.
  • On occasion, using the wildcard * to find all entries in a field may cause a performance problem. If it does, use IS NOT NULL instead. For more information about query operators, see Siebel Fundamentals.

    Predefined queries are defined on a business object. All screens based on the same business object display all the predefined queries created for that business object.

  • Querying on fields of data type DTYPE_NOTE is not supported on some database platforms.


The following procedures describe how to create a predefined query by saving a query and how to set up a query in the Predefined Query view.

To create a predefined query by saving a query

  1. Navigate to the screen where you want to run the query.
  2. Create and execute a query.
  3. From the application-level menu, choose Query > Save Query As.
  4. In the Save Query As dialog box, enter a name for the query.

    The query is added to your list of predefined queries. This query is private, and only you can view it.

  5. If you want to make the query public:
    1. Navigate to the Administration - Application screen > Predefined Queries view.
    2. In the Predefined Queries list, deselect the Private field in the record for the query you just created.

To set up a predefined query in the Predefined Query view

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Application screen > Predefined Queries view.
  2. In the Predefined Queries list, create a new record, and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    This is the name that appears in the predefined query drop-down list.


    The object upon which the query is performed.


    Marked if the query is available only to the person who created it.

    When you unmark a query to make it public, the other users must first exit the application and reenter before they can see the newly public query.


    The SQL code for the query.

    When you create a query for a field that is a multi-value group, you can use the EXISTS operator to query nonprimary child records.

    NOTE:  You cannot use SQL functions in the query for a predefined query.

    For more information about the syntax, see about operators, expressions, and conditions in Siebel Developer's Reference.

    Cache Result

    If this is Y, the query returns all rows up to the value of the DSMaxFetchArraySize parameter set for the data source.

    For information about setting DSMaxFetchArraySize, see about modifying Named Subsystems in the Siebel System Administration Guide.

    NOTE:  Setting DSMaxFetchArraySize to -1 and Cache Result to Y may cause memory problems for queries returning many rows.

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