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Properties of the Workflow Policy Column

The Workflow Policy Columns OBLE displays a list of the available workflow policy columns. Note that you must activate extension columns in Siebel Tools to make them available for use in workflow database operations.

Table 120 describes properties displayed in the Workflow Policy Columns OBLE.

Table 120. Description of Properties of the Workflow Policy Column


Define the name of the workflow policy column. This is the default name that appears in the Conditions applet on the Workflow Policies view.

A name that is:

  • Consistent with your overall naming strategy.
  • Meaningful to the policy maker.
  • Descriptive of how the column is used.


The identifier for whether the record was added or edited.

A check mark or a blank value.


Define the project the workflow policy column belongs to. The project must be locked by you before you can modify the column.

A project from the picklist of projects you currently have checked out.


Define the name of the Siebel database table that contains the column.

A table name from the picklist of Siebel database tables.


Define the name of the column in the Siebel table.

A database column on the database table specified in Table Name.


Define the picklist used when choosing a comparison value for the column in the Workflow Policies view.

A picklist defined in the repository. The column chosen has a corresponding Business Component field. If the corresponding Business Component field has a picklist defined, the picklist is entered here. For more information on picklists, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.


Define the field in the business component of the picklist that is the source of the comparison value.

A Business Component field name from the picklist specified in the Picklist field.


Define the applet used to display the picklist in the Workflow Policies view.

An applet chosen from the picklist. Only choose a Pick applet.


Specify whether this column is active or inactive.

If column is inactive, the column is not compiled when you compile your .srf and is not accessible by an object.

A check mark indicates this is inactive and is not compiled or accessible.


Add comments describing the purpose or use of column.

Enter comments text.

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