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About Competitor Briefing

The Competitor Briefing helps employees stay informed by gathering information about competitors. It provides them with current market information, product information, company information, a list of corporate affiliations, and access to related literature from the Siebel Encyclopedia.

Users access Competitor Briefings using one of the two following views:

  • My Tracked Competitors. Lists the competitors that users have selected in their tracking profiles.
  • All Competitors. Lists all competitors to which the user has access based on visibility rules.

Competitor Briefing Sections Displaying Siebel Data

Table 4 describes the Competitor Briefing sections that display data from the Siebel database. The search and sort specifications for internal sections are defined in the predefined query named Competitor. For more information about predefined queries, see Predefined Queries for Briefings.

Table 4. Competitor Briefing Siebel Data Sections


Shows a list of competitor products sorted by name.

Competitive Literature

Shows literature from the Siebel Encyclopedia that is associated with the competitor. Competitive Literature is sorted by sales tool type and then by name.

Recommended Literature

Shows links to literature items in the Siebel Encyclopedia related to the competitor. The active date must be between the literature item's release and expiration dates. Literature is sorted by sales tool type and then by name.

Recommended Links

Shows links to recommended Web pages. Recommended links are defined as literature items in the Siebel Encyclopedia. The literature type is Recommended Link, and the Web display method is not In-Line.

Web Clips

Shows a Web page related to this competitor in-line with other sections. Web clips are recommended links defined in the Siebel Encyclopedia with a Web display method of In-Line.

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