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Mixed View

When a Siebel applet is bound to a single business component, but the business component boundaries are not always intuitive or obvious to the end user, your task-based UI needs to present a logical set of data in a view. You need to combine data from multiple business components, including a transient business component in a single task view step. Because applets can be bound together in Task UI, the end user does not need to worry about artificial boundaries between business components, except that validation is performed when input focus changes from one applet to another, which should be taken into account when laying out the view.


A view presents a list of items in an order and asks whether the user wants to add a new item. The list of order items is based on the Order Item business component, and is displayed by a single applet, while the second applet contains the question, displayed as an applet message, and the answer to the question, stored as a field in the TBC and presented as a radio button.

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