Siebel Business Process Framework: Task UI Guide

What's New in This Release

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Overview of the Business Process Framework

About Siebel Task UI

About Designing Tasks

Comparing Task UI with Alternative UI Technologies

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Task UI Concepts

Language Concepts for Task UI

Business Task

Error Handling

Event Handling

Long-Running Workflows



Task Branch

Task Chapter

Task Definition

Task Event

Task Flow

Task Group

Task Instance

Task Metrics

Task Properties

Task Step

Task Transaction

Task UI

Task UI Framework

Temporary Storage

Transient Business Component

UI Task

Workflow Task Step

User Experience Concepts for Task UI


Task Session

Universal Inbox

UI Elements Used in Task UI

Action Pane

Applet Message

Context Pane

Current Task Pane

Persistent Dashboard

Radio Button Group

Standard Applet

Task Applet

Task Chapter

Task Group

Task Pane

Task Playbar

Task View

Task View Step

Object Types for Task UI

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Implementing Task UI

Scenario for Iterative Development of a Task UI Implementation

Defining Goals for a Task UI Implementation

Modeling the Business Process

Creating an Executable Business Process Definition

Identifying Task Context

Designing the Task Flow

Designing the Task UI

Configuring the Task UI

Configuring the Task Flow

Configuring the Task Group

Deploying the Tasks

Setting Up Access Control

Unit Testing

Integration Testing

System Testing

Deploying the Tasks and Workflows to Production

Why It Is Best to Take an Iterative Development Approach

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Configuring Task UI

About the Task Designer

Creating New Tasks

Creating New Tasks Using the New Task Wizard

Creating New Tasks Using the Tasks OBLE

Creating New Subtasks

Editing Task Flows

Configuring Task Step Context

Controlling Step Display

Configuring Task View Steps

Configuring Business Service Steps

Configuring Commit Steps

Configuring Start Steps and End Steps

Configuring Siebel Operation Steps

Configuring Subtask Steps

Connecting Task Steps

About Branching

Configuring Input and Output Arguments for Task Steps

System Task Properties

Configuring Task Properties

Configuring Task Metrics

Configuring Task Chapters

Configuring Error Steps

Configuring Task Event Handlers

Associating Tasks with a Business Object Instance

Configuring the Inbox Context Field

Initiating a Long-Running Workflow

Configuring UI Objects Used in Tasks

Configuring Task Applets

Configuring Task Views

Configuring View Task Groups

Configuring Radio Button Groups

Configuring Applet Messages

Configuring the Ad-Hoc UI for Task Instantiation

Configuring Ad-Hoc Views for Task Transfer

Configuring Transient Business Components

Creating New Transient Business Components

Creating New Transient Business Component Fields

Writing Scripts to Instantiate Tasks

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Deploying Tasks

About Task Deployment

Deploying Tasks from Siebel Tools

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Administering Task UI

Controlling Task Access Privileges

Controlling Task Transfer Privileges

Transferring Tasks in the Universal Inbox

Deleting Tasks

Setting Up Tasks for Running on Mobile Clients

Setting Inbox Visibility for Mobile Clients

Replicating Tasks to Mobile Clients

Setting the Synchronization Interval

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Debugging Tasks

Validating Task Configuration

Enabling Debug Mode

Using Task Debugger

Using Server-Side Logging

Enabling Client-Side Logging

Disabling Task Transactions

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Task Does Not Show in the Task Pane

Record Context Is Lost

Task Build View Errors

Other Errors

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Best Practices for Working with Tasks

Best Practices for User Experience of Tasks

Best Practices for Designing a Task's Flow

Best Practices for Designing a Task View

Design Patterns for Task User Experience


Hierarchical Selector

Split View

Optional View

Mixed View

Mixed Applet

Business Component Method Invocation

About Queries That Users Can Refine

Customer Dashboard Data Push


Best Practices for Configuring Tasks

Best Practices for Configuring Multi-Lingual Tasks

Best Practices for Invoking Business Services

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