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Configuring View Task Groups

The View Task Group object specifies the groups to display in the Task Pane when the current view is shown. A task group that is configured in the view task group of a view is a candidate to render on the task pane (in the specified view) if the Application property of the view task group is either null or matches the application currently running.

To configure a view task group

  1. In the Object Explorer (in Siebel Tools), click the View object type.
  2. In the Views OBLE, select the view to which you want to add a view task group.
  3. In the Object Explorer, click the View Task Group object type.

    NOTE:  If the View Task Group object is not visible in the Object Explorer, you can make it visible using the View > Options menu item. See Using Siebel Tools for more information.

  4. For the selected view, add a new record to its View Task Group.
  5. Set the appropriate application name in the Application property if you want that task group to show only for a certain application, or leave that field blank so the task group is shown in every application.

    The Sequence property can be used to arrange task group in ascending order.

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