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Creating New Transient Business Component Fields

You can create new TBC fields. You cannot create multi-value fields. Calculated fields are allowed, and no column is assigned to the field.

To create a new Transient BC field

  1. Select the Transient Business Component record.
  2. Create a new Field for the TBC, and enter values for the following:
    • Name
    • Type
    • Text Length

      Based on the Type and Text Length properties, the Column and Join properties are auto-populated (and are read-only).

      NOTE:  Type is a required attribute, while Text Length is not. As a best practice, provide a value for text length so that the Column property can be accurately determined. The fields of type DTYPE_TEXT with unspecified text length imply a length of 255 characters, so failure to specify the text length in cases where the real length is shorter might cause unnecessary joins to extension tables, or even failure to match all the fields to the corresponding columns.

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