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Creating New Transient Business Components

A transient business component is a business component that can be used to house data to control task flow or logic, but without storing the data in the database. The data is cleared when a task is completed. TBCs are created in the same way as any other business components in the repository, except that they are always based on the S_TU_LOG table, and they are of BC type Transient.

To create a new Transient Business Component

  1. In Siebel Tools, choose File > New Object.
  2. In the New Objects Wizards dialog, select the Task tab.
  3. Select the Transient BusComp icon, and click OK.
  4. Use the wizard's dialog box to enter information, such as the new TBC's name, and the project to which the TBC is to belong.

    The wizard automatically assigns the TBC to the CSSBCTaskTransient class and the S_TU_LOG table, with a BC type of Transient.

NOTE:  Although the recommended way to create a TBC is to use the wizard, if for some reason you must, you can create a TBC manually, without using the wizard. In Siebel Tools, use the OBLE as you normally would to create a regular business component. Column and Join properties are automatically calculated and read-only. Make sure to set the Class, Table, and Type fields as the wizard does, as described in Step 4. For more details, see the procedure that follows.

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