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Controlling Task Access Privileges

The Registered Task Administration view allows the application administrator to control user ability to execute, transfer, and delete tasks. For a task to be successfully executed by a user, the user must be added to a responsibility that has the privilege to execute the task.

NOTE:  The task execution privilege subsumes all view access privileges while the task is being executed. A user that has the task execution privilege also has all the access privileges associated with the views within the task.

You administer task access control in a way that is similar to how view access control is administered. The following procedure describes the administrative steps to add task access privileges to a responsibility.

To administer a task and configure its access privileges

  1. Make sure that the responsibilities for the task are already defined.

    NOTE:  See the Siebel Security Guide for information on how to define responsibilities for Siebel applications.

  2. Register the task. Before you can add task access privileges to a responsibility, you must first register the task so that it can be administered in the Task Administration view:
    1. Navigate to Site Map > Administration - Application > Tasks.

      The Registered Tasks applet shows all registered tasks.

    2. Create a new record in the Registered Task applet.
    3. Select the task you want to register from the picklist in the Task Name field.

      NOTE:  The picklist displays only deployed (published and activated) tasks.

  3. Associate the task with responsibilities:
    1. Create a new record in the Responsibilities list applet.
    2. Query the Siebel Administration responsibility, and set Allow Transfer and Allow Delete based on your requirements. Both of these are set to TRUE by default.
  4. License tasks and task views.

    Tasks must be licensed in order to be invoked. Task views also must be licensed, and they must belong to screens under the current application for the task views to visible.

  5. Add the user to the responsibilities, if needed:
    1. Navigate to a different Task Administration View: Site Map > Administration - Application > Responsibilities > Tasks.
    2. In the Responsibility list applet, query for the responsibilities that you have associated the task with.

      In the lower half of the view, there is a Task List applet and a Users list applet.

    3. For the selected responsibility, check if the task and the users are already added to the Task List applet and the User List applet. If not, click the New button to add them.
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