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Transferring Tasks in the Universal Inbox

A task that has been created or paused can be transferred in from one inbox to another. A task can be transferred by the owner using the Universal Inbox.

When a user clicks the Transfer button in the Inbox Item List, a pop-up applet is launched to display a read-write version of the Owner field and a text area control for entering a transfer reason. The end user can pick a different owner and add comments explaining why the task is being transferred. When the user clicks OK, the change is saved and the pop-up applet closes. The task then appears in the Inbox of the new owner.

NOTE:  The list of users to which a task can be transferred is constrained to those that have responsibilities for the task.

You can specify whether the reason for the transfer must be provided by the user by setting a flag on the intersection between a task and a responsibility.

To transfer a task

  1. Navigate to Site Map > Inbox > Inbox Items, and select the task you want to transfer.
  2. Verify that the Transfer button is enabled.

    If the Transfer button is disabled, the task is not transferable. For information about how to make a task transferable, see Controlling Task Transfer Privileges.

  3. Click Transfer.

    The Transfer To dialog box is displayed.

  4. Select the owner to transfer the Task to.
  5. Enter a reason for transfer in the Comments text field.
  6. Click OK.

    After the Transfer is completed, the Completed flag is checked in the Inbox List applet.

  7. Refresh the screen.

    The item is removed from My Inbox Items and added to My Completed Items. The task then appears in the Inbox of the new owner.

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