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Object Types for Task UI

There are a number of object types that are used specifically for the implementation of Task UI in Siebel business applications. The usage of many of these object types is described in this document. For a complete description of these object types, see the Siebel Object Types Reference. The following object types are used in Task UI:

  • Task
  • Task Group Locale
  • Task Branch
  • Task Locale
  • Task Branch Criteria
  • Task Metric
  • Task Branch Criteria Value
  • Task Property
  • Task Chapter
  • Task Step
  • Task Chapter Locale
  • Task Step Context
  • Task Event
  • Task Step IO Argument
  • Task Event IO Argument
  • Task Step Locale
  • Task Group
  • View Task Group
  • Task Group Item
  • View Task Group Locale

To control the visibility of these and other object types in the Object Explorer, you can use the Options dialog box. For details on how to do this, see Using Siebel Tools.

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