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Configuring the Inbox Context Field

When a task is paused, the task state and the history stack are serialized and stored in the database. An inbox item, which may be used to resume the task, is created in the inbox in the database. The Inbox Item list view displays the tasks that belong to a given user. By default, every inbox item shows the task name and the user who created the task instance.

In some cases, you might want to display certain instance-specific messages in the inbox item list. This instance-specific message can be information that helps the owner of the task instance to distinguish between task instances that have the same task name, or it may be instructions that are essential to the current task instance owner.

Defining an Instance Identifier

You can configure a task to populate instance-specific messages into the Inbox Context field in the Inbox Item list view. A predefined task property called Instance Identifier is provided for this purpose. The information you populate into the Instance Identifier task property is saved and displayed in the Inbox Context field when the task is paused or completed.

To configure the message to be displayed, add an output argument to the appropriate task step, specifying the Instance Identifier task property for the output argument's Property Name property.

NOTE:  The instance identifier can be configured only for task steps that allow output arguments. For more information on how to add output arguments, see Specifying Task Step Output Arguments.

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