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Configuring Task Step Context

You can define the context of a task step to identify the search specification that filters the data on which the step is performed. You do this by configuring a Task Step Context object (a child object of the Task Step object).

For example, if you want to update Opportunities with a lead quality of Poor, you use the update operation of a Siebel Operation step with a Task Step Context object configured accordingly. For a description of the properties of the Task Step Context object, see the Siebel Object Types Reference.

To configure task step context

  1. In Siebel Tools, navigate to the task that contains the step you want to provide the context for.
  2. Open task in the Task Designer, and select the appropriate step.

    NOTE:  The task must be either a Siebel Operation step or a Task View step.

  3. Click the Task Step Context tab in the Multi Value Property Window.
  4. In the list area of the Multi Value Property Window, right-click and choose New Record from the pop-up menu.
  5. Enter a Name for the task step context, and select a Type (Literal or Expression).
  6. If the context type is Expression, enter the name of the business component to evaluate the expression for the Expression Business Component property.
  7. Enter a Search Specification for the context.
    • If the Type property is set to Literal, enter a literal value in the form of an expression, (for example, = 100).
    • If the Type property is set to Expression, enter an expression (for example, [Status] LIKE '*Open*'). The expression is evaluated by the specified Expression Business Component.

      CAUTION:  Define your Siebel operation search specification as efficiently as possible, so that it matches only the smallest necessary set of rows. Search specifications that select a large set of rows can cause severe performance degradation.

  8. (Optional) You can specify a Filter Business Component. This business component provides the group of records on which the context search is performed.
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