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Overview of the Business Process Framework

An important business benefit provided by Oracle's Siebel Business Applications is the ability to effect the consistent and efficient execution of an organization's customer-centric business processes. Adherence to rapidly changing processes is critically important to both business agility and compliance with an increasing number of regulations.

The extensive business process automation capabilities of Siebel business applications—including Siebel Workflow, the State Model, and iHelp—are enhanced (in version 8.0) by the inclusion of two new modules: Task UI and Business Rules.

Siebel business rules allow you to maintain business process logic declaratively and in a location external to your Siebel applications. For information on implementing rules in Task UI, see the Siebel Business Rules Administration Guide.

An overview of the task-based user interface (Task UI) is provided in the following topics:

For information on the State Model and Siebel Worklow, see the Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide.

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