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Configuring Business Service Steps

A business service step allows you to call a business service that executes predefined or custom actions in a task flow. See Best Practices for Invoking Business Services for more information.

You can define business services by navigating to Site Map > Administration - Business Service, or by selecting the business service object in Siebel Tools. The methods and arguments you define in your business service appear in the Arguments list applets for the business service.

To define a business service step

  1. Open the appropriate task in the Task Designer.
  2. From the Task Palette, drag a Business Service step, and drop it on the Task Designer at the desired location.
  3. In the Properties window, enter or modify the step name, and then enter a description of the purpose of the Business Service step.

    NOTE:  If the Properties window is not showing, right-click the step, and choose View Properties from the pop-up menu.

  4. For the Business Service Name property, select the name of the service to be invoked.

    The picklist contains the business services defined in Siebel Tools or the Siebel client.

  5. For the Business Service Method property, select the method for invoking the service. The choices available for this field depend on the service you select.
  6. Specify the input and output arguments as necessary.

    For more information on input and output arguments, see Configuring Input and Output Arguments for Task Steps.

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