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Task Metrics

Task metrics collect and store various task data that is regularly loaded into a data warehouse and analyzed using an OLAP tool like Oracle Business Intelligence. Two supported types of metrics are: timestamp metrics and property metrics.


One of the centerpieces of information in process measurement is the time when a certain event occurs. For example, to know the amount of time a user spends on a task, the time the task starts and ends is needed.

If task metrics are enabled at task deployment, the Task UI framework stores timestamps for the following events:

  • Task Started
  • Task Paused
  • Task Resumed
  • Task Cancelled
  • Task Completed

The collection and persistence of these timestamps incur a minimal, but still finite performance and scalability overhead.

NOTE:  Step-level timestamps are not collected, because the impact on performance is unacceptable.

Property Metrics

Property metrics allow you to collect task data whose sources are task properties. You can configure property metrics to satisfy the requirements for measuring business performance.

For more information, see Configuring Task Metrics.

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