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A task may take long time to complete, and business requirements ask for data updated by the task to be visible by other users as quickly as possible. At a point in task where data entered so far should become visible to other users of Siebel database, add a view step with (Forward Button = 'Submit) that reviews the data entered in the task so far, followed by a commit step.


In a Field Activity task, whenever the Status field is updated (for example, to In Process), it must be committed to the base table, so that other users can see it and act accordingly, regardless of whether the current task has finished or not. So every Siebel Operation that updates the activity's status is followed by a review view step with a Submit button, followed by commit step. This behavior makes sure that end user understands that changes are being committed, and gives her a chance to step back and choose a different status before committing it for other users to see, if new status has been changed by error.

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