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Task Flow

A task flow is the portion of a task definition that shows the flow of the task; that is, the diagram of the steps in a task. A task flow is similar to a workflow, as are their respective design tools. However, the task flow and workflow are used to perform different kinds of processes.

A task flow involves at least one task view step, in which a user enters data into fields and controls. A task flow is meant to guide the user experience to accomplish a business function. A task flow is synchronous and is tightly bound to a UI experience. The interactions in a task are the result of a user explicitly navigating through the flow using the actions provided by the navigation buttons (Next, Previous, Pause, Cancel).

In contrast, a workflow is a business process that encapsulates a series of tasks. A workflow does not need to be synchronous and does not need to involve the UI. A workflow can wake up and go to sleep in response to calls from other systems.

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