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Replicating Tasks to Mobile Clients

Repository definitions of tasks are not replicated to mobile clients. As a result, mobile users cannot view and activate task definitions from mobile clients.

The deployment records of tasks must be replicated to mobile clients before the tasks can be run on mobile clients.

To enable the replication of task deployment records from the server

  1. Navigate to Site Map > Administration - Workflow Process > Task Deployment > Published Task.
  2. In the Active Tasks applet, query for the task deployment record you want to replicate (for example, by searching on the task name).
  3. Change the Replication field of the task deployment record to Regional for mobile clients connecting only to regional databases, or to All for mobile clients connecting to either regional or local databases.

Task run-time instances—the underlying object of Task-type inbox items—are not replicated between the server and mobile clients. As a result, Task-type inbox items created at a node (such as the server) can be run only from the same node (that is, the server). An error is returned if an attempt is made to run Task-type inbox items from a wrong node.

For the same reason, task transfers—that is, the reassignment of Task-type inbox items—are allowed only between users in the same node. In other words, Task-type inbox items created at the server/regional node can be transferred to other users in the same server/regional node. Task-type inbox items created on mobile clients connecting to local databases cannot be transferred.

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