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Access and Responsibilities

Your system administrator will assign to you an employee login on the server with a unique ID and password. The login assigned to you defines your job responsibilities, and the data you need to access to fulfill those responsibilities, at the time when you log in to the application.

Responsibilities are defined for you by your system administrator. They determine the collection of views you see. For example, if you were a sales manager, you would need views to manage your team's accounts, contacts, and opportunities, but your sales representatives would not need these views.

A position is the basis for determining what data you can access. It allows you to see certain records but not others. The position represents an assigned job title within an organization. By assigning you a position (job title), the administrator can determine the set of data you should see. For example, the South American VP of Sales would not see the same data as a North American sales representative.

The following are three factors that could determine what records you can see:

  • A record can be assigned an owner, meaning that it can be assigned to only one person. Only the owner of the record can see it. This type of record is called a personally owned record because only one user can own the record.
  • A record can also be assigned to a team. Only the people who have been assigned as team members for the record can see it.
  • Companies also distribute records by organization. Users in the South American region of an organization will see only records for South America. Companies with channel partners can also use organizations to partition data, allowing their partners to access only data that they need.
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