Siebel Customer Relationship Console User Guide

What's New in This Release

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Key Features

Getting Started with the Siebel CRC

Access and Responsibilities

Web Browser Settings

Exiting the Siebel CRC

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Understanding the Siebel CRC Layout

Siebel CRC Window Overview





Customer Session Navigation Buttons

Contact Photo

Contact Signature

Alerts Bar

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Working with Data

Working with Records and Fields

Field Controls

Text Fields

Drop-Down Lists

Saving Data

Adding Records to Siebel CRC

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Locating Information

Searching for Contacts and Starting a Customer Session

About Start Session

Customer Session Views

Querying for Session Information

Summary Session View

Special Offers


Accounts Session View

Viewing Detailed Account Transaction Information

Offers Session View

Viewing Detailed Offer Information

Alerts Session View

Activities Session View

Service Requests (SRs) Session View

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Adding Information

About Adding Data to Siebel CRC

Adding Service Requests

Creating Alerts

Adding Activities

Adding Prospects and Referrals

Entering Customer Responses to Offers

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Query Operators

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