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Process of Using the Applet Layout Editor

To use the applet layout editor, perform the following tasks:

  1. Setting the Language Mode of the Applet Layout Editor
  2. Setting the Configuration Context
  3. Defining the Applet Mode
  4. Adding a Control or List Column to an Applet Layout
  5. Previewing the Applet Layout
  6. (Optional) Exporting an Applet Preview to an HTML File

The Applet Layout Editor is a visual editing tool that allows you to modify the layout of an applet, which includes adding and removing controls and list columns. It provides a canvas and a preview mode that allows you to view how Siebel CRM renders the applet in the Siebel client.

The constrain mode affects certain text strings. For more information, see Setting Up the Configuration File for Siebel Tools.

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