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Setting the Configuration Context

This task is a step in Process of Using the Applet Layout Editor.

Capabilities vary between browsers. For example, some browsers support frames and JavaScript. Before you edit the layout of an applet, you set the context so that the Web Layout Editor displays objects that the browser supports. For more information, see Displaying Different Sections of a Template Depending on the Browser Type.

To set the configuration context

  1. In Siebel Tools, choose the View menu, Toolbars, and then make sure the Configuration Context menu item contains a check mark.

    The Configuration Context toolbar includes the Target Browser list. This list allows you to specify the target browser.

  2. In the Configuration Context toolbar, Choose the Target Browser list, and then choose Target Browser Config.
  3. In the Available browsers window of the Target Browser Configuration dialog box, choose a browser you must map, and then click the right arrow.

    You can view capability information about the browser in the Capability Name and Value sections of the dialog box.

  4. Repeat Step 3, and then click OK.

    The target browser determines how Siebel Tools handles conditional template tags in the Web Layout Editor. If you choose more than one browser, then the group of target browsers determines how Siebel Tools handles these tags.

    If you do not choose a browser in the Target Browser field, then Siebel Tools displays an error message when you open the Applet Layout Editor.

    CAUTION:  Do not change the Configuration Context after you start to modify an applet layout.

  5. In the Object Explorer, click Applet.
  6. In the Applets list, locate the applet you must modify.
  7. Right-click, and then choose Edit Web Layout.

    The Web Layout Editor displays information differently depending on the target browser you choose. For example:

    • The Target Browser is IE 5.0. The editor displays a placeholder for the applet in the frame with an underlying identifier of 101. You can drag and drop a specific applet to the placeholder. This is because IE 5.0 includes a FrameSupport capability.
    • The Target Browser is IE 1.5. The editor does not display the placeholder because the FrameSupport capability for IE 1.5 is FALSE.

      It might be necessary for you to define different applet layouts to support different browser capabilities.

      If the applet you chose does not reference an applet web template, then Siebel CRM displays a dialog box that allows you to open the Applet Wizard so that you can reference a web template.

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