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Troubleshooting a Grid Layout Conversion Problem

This topic describes guidelines for troubleshooting a grid layout conversion problem.

To resolve a grid layout conversion problem, look for it in the list of Symptoms or Error messages column in Table 38.

Siebel Tools displays these errors in a dialog box at the end of the conversion process. Siebel Tools creates an entry in a log file for each control that it does not convert or for errors that it encounters when it converts an applet to grid layout. The log file is named awtconversion.txt and is located in the tools_install\temp directory.

Table 38. Problems That Occur During Conversion to Grid Layout
Symptom or Error Message
Diagnostic Steps or Cause

Cannot map a control or label.

This problem might be due to an applet web template item that is not explicitly mapped to a control on the original applet web template. To display on the new grid applet web template, the Control property on each web template item must contain a value.

Use the Applet Layout Editor to map a control to the applet layout. For more information, see Adding a Control or List Column to an Applet Layout.

Cannot convert an applet.

The following items might cause the problem:

Use Edit Web Layout to associate a valid web template to the applet.

The applet web template is configured for more than one application context.

For more information, see How the Siebel Application Context Affects Controls That the Applet Web Template Conversion Wizard Converts.

Choose the appropriate application in the Application field of the Configuration Context toolbar and run the Conversion Wizard again.

For more information, see Using the Conversion Wizard to Convert a Form Applet to Grid Layout.

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