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Guidelines for Defining the Name of a Business Component Field

If you define the name of a business component field, then use the following guidelines:

  • Do not use parentheses in a field name. If you perform a query on a field name that contains parentheses, then you might receive an SQL error because SQL expects a valid SQL expression in the parentheses.
  • Apply the following requirements if each field is the only such field in the business component:
    • If you name a currency code, then name it Currency Code.
    • If you name a currency date, then name it Exchange Date.

      If there are multiple instances of a similar field, then prefix each field with the name of the corresponding Amount column. For example, Revenue Currency Code for revenue, or Budget Currency Code for budgets. The reason for this technique is that other fields reference these fields when you define the Currency Code Field property and the Exchange Date field. This technique makes sure Siebel CRM can understand the reference.

  • For a link, you must name the URL field URL. You must set the class of the Business Component to CSSBCBase.

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