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About Joins

A join establishes a relationship between a business component and a table that is not the base table of the business component. For more information, see Join.

To observe how a join works, in the Siebel client, navigate to the Service Request screen, and then examine the Service Request List Applet. This applet includes the Account field. A join brings the Account field to the Service Request business component and the Service Request List Applet displays the data in the Siebel client.

Figure 16 illustrates how a foreign key column in the detail table defines the parent-child relationship. Multiple rows in the detail table include the same foreign key value that references back to the same row in the parent table. After you create a join, you can define more fields in the business component that reference columns in the joined table.

Figure 16. Parent-Child Relationship in a Join

NOTE:  You can use a joined field as the Source Field on the join specification. For example, if you must join grandparent data through the parent ID field on the parent business component.

For more information about implicit joins, see How an Extension Table Stores Custom Data.

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