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About Links

A link defines a one-to-many relationship between two business components. For more information, see Link, and How Siebel CRM Handles a Hierarchy of Search Specifications.

How a Business Object Uses a Link

Figure 20 illustrates how a business object uses a link. For background information, see Hierarchy of Object Types and Relationships.

Figure 20. How a Business Object Uses a Link

A link that Siebel CRM uses with a business object includes the following objects:

  1. Link. In a master-detail view, to establish the parent-child relationship, Siebel CRM incorporates a link to a business object. This relationship applies to any use of the two business components in the context of the business object.
  2. View. Each view references the business object that it uses in the Business Object property of the view. This configuration forces the view to operate as a master-detail view, as defined in the link, without more configuration of the view. For more information, see About Views.

Visibility Rule Property of a Link

The Visibility Rule property of a link determines if Siebel CRM does or does not display the link. You can define the following values:

  • Always. Allows visibility rules in the child records when the current master-detail view references this link. This situation is true even if the Visibility Applet and Visibility Applet Type properties of the view are not defined.
  • Never. Disables visibility rules in the child records if the current view references this link.
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