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Guidelines for Creating a Pop-Up Applet or Window

If you define a pop-up applet or window, then use the following guidelines:

  • You must specify a class in the Class property of the pop-up applet that is derived from the CSSSWEFramePopup class.
  • You are not required to specify a business component in the Business Component property of the pop-up applet.
  • If you specify a business component for your pop-up applet, then you must specify a business component as a child of the business object of the view that contains the applet from which the pop-up applet opens.
  • Siebel CRM supports one level of pop-up applet. If you activate a pop-up applet from a pop-up applet, then the most recently activated applet replaces the original pop-up applet.
  • Siebel CRM does not support the more and less feature on a pop-up applet. For more information, see Displaying a Subset of Fields or CRM Records.
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