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Creating a Pop-Up Control in an Applet

For a control or list column that includes an HTML Type property set to Text or Field, Siebel CRM allows certain controls to pop-up in the Siebel client, depending on the data type of the field. Example controls include a calendar or a calculator.

Table 39 summarizes how the data type of the field affects which pop-up control Siebel CRM displays. If you define a list for a field that is described in Table 39, then Siebel CRM pops up a list in the Siebel client instead of a calculator or calendar.

Table 39. How the Data Type of a Field Affects which Pop-Up Control Siebel CRM Displays
Field Data Type
Pop-Up Control That Siebel CRM Displays






Combination calendar/time


Combination calendar/time




The configuration for standard interactivity determines which pop-up control Siebel CRM displays. For more information, see About Standard Interactivity and High Interactivity.

To create a pop-up control in an applet

  1. In Siebel Tools, click Applet in the Object Explorer.
  2. In the Applets list, locate the applet you must modify.
  3. In the Object Explorer, expand the Applets tree, and then click Control to define the properties of the control.

    To define the properties of a list, expand the List tree, and then click List Column.

  4. In the Controls or List Columns list, locate the control or list column you must modify.
  5. Set the Read Only property of the control or list column to FALSE.
  6. Set the Runtime property of the control or list column to TRUE.
  7. Compile and test your changes.

    For more information, see Using Siebel Tools.

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