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Overview of the Customer Dashboard

The Customer Dashboard is a feature that provides access to customer information, such as contact name and account number. It remains persistent as the user navigates through Siebel CRM. The Customer Dashboard is visible as a separate frame that Siebel CRM displays below the screen tabs in the Siebel client. For more information, see Siebel Fundamentals.

Note the following:

  • Siebel CRM updates the Customer Dashboard. To receive this data, the Customer Dashboard must be open.
  • This information remains in the Customer Dashboard until Siebel CRM executes the Clear Dashboard command.
  • During a session, Siebel CRM saves all data that it displays in the Customer Dashboard. The user can use the Forward and Backward buttons to display this stored data.
  • You can configure a button on an applet that updates the Customer Dashboard with information from the currently chosen row in an applet. For more information, see Configuring a Button to Update the Customer Dashboard.
  • You can configure the Customer Dashboard to display data from any business component.

Objects That the Customer Dashboard Uses

Table 74 describes the object types that the Customer Dashboard uses. All object types use Persistent Customer Dashboard in the Name property except the business service method object type. For example, the Customer Dashboard references the Persistent Customer Dashboard virtual business component. This business component references the Persistent Customer Dashboard business object.

Table 74. Objects That the Customer Dashboard Uses
Object Type

Business object

Groups together business components that can update the Customer Dashboard.

Business component

A virtual business component.

Business service

Controls functionality of the Customer Dashboard.


Displays data in the Siebel client.


Displays applets in the Siebel client.

Business service method

Updates the Customer Dashboard. Upon receiving the arguments, the methods evaluate the set of fields to display, retrieves the data, and then enters the data into the Customer Dashboard.

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