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Cleansing Dock Objects

Dock object integrity might be compromised in the following situations:

  • If you delete a custom table, column, or dock object.
  • If you redefine a foreign key column to reference a different table.

In these situations, you must cleanse the dock objects before you can use the Docking Wizard again or before you can use Siebel Remote.

To cleanse dock objects

  1. In Siebel Tools, in the Object Explorer, click Dock Object.
  2. In the Dock Objects list, click Cleanse.

    Siebel Tools does the following:

    1. Examines all dock objects in the Dock Objects list.
    2. Prompts you to make sure all the dock objects are clean. If they are not, then Siebel Tools deletes some objects.
    3. If the projects on which you work are not locked, then Siebel Tools prompts you to lock them. After Siebel Tools finishes, it repeats Step b.
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