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About Dock Objects

Synchronization is the process that Siebel Remote performs to allow a Siebel Mobile Web Client to connect to a Siebel Server and exchange updated data and files. This client typically operates on a remote laptop that is not connected to the Siebel Server. To support remote computing, Siebel Remote allows field personnel to share current information with members of virtual teams of other remote and connected users across an organization.

A dock object is an object type that is a logical grouping of tables that contain special schema structures that synchronize data between a server database and a local database in a coherent manner.

When Siebel CRM updates data on the Siebel Server, Siebel Remote synchronizes the local database when the remote user connects to the Siebel Server and performs a synchronization. Siebel Remote only synchronizes the data that it must download to the local database. During the synchronization, Siebel Remote uploads any updates that exist in the local database to the Siebel Server. For more information, see Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide.

Types of Dock Object

This topic describes the types of dock objects.

Private Dock Object

A private dock object is a type of dock object that routes data that cannot be configured. It makes sure that Siebel Remote never routes the rows in the dock objects to any remote user. During synchronization, Siebel Remote does the following:

    • Uploads to the Siebel Server all records from tables that are part of a private dock object.
    • Does not download any of these records to the remote user.
Enterprise Dock Object

An enterprise dock object is a type of dock object that distributes records without restriction. During synchronization, Siebel Remote uploads to the Siebel Server all records from tables that are part of an enterprise dock object. Only an administrator must update these tables. Remote users typically download these tables from the Siebel Server but they do not upload them to the server. To minimize synchronization time, you must use an enterprise dock object only with the following tables:

  • Tables that contain small amounts of data.
  • Tables that contain static data or data that changes only occasionally.
Limited Dock Object

An limited dock object is a type of dock object that contains individual rules to identify the records that Siebel Remote must download to a specific user. This user must only receive records with which the user must be involved. For more information, see Dock Object Visibility Rule.

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