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Dock Object Table

A dock object table is an object type that identifies the tables that contain records that Siebel Remote transfers. It is a child of the dock object. Foreign keys in the data objects layer relate all the tables that appear in the Dock Object Tables list in Siebel Tools to the primary table that is defined in the Primary Table Name property of the dock object. A dock object table can reference other tables in the Table Name property of the dock object table.

For example, the Primary Table Name property of the Opportunity dock object is set to S_OPTY. Dock object tables that are children of the Opportunity dock object reference other tables, such as the S_NOTE_OPTY table and the S_OPTY_REL table. This example describes how a dock object is a set of logical records. In this example, opportunities are the logical records. Each logical record is a collection of one or more physical database records that are spread across multiple tables.

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